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  5.      Dunav Tours is the successor of the created in 1948 company “Balkantourist”.
  6.      In October 1978 was separated the Tourist Complex “Interhotels”. The complex is managing High class hotels and tourist destinations in Bulgaria.
  7.      On October,17th, 1983 the two luxury passenger ships ROUSSE and SOFIA have been transported on a swimming dock by see from Holland to the Danube Delta.
  8.      The ships are build in the shipyard de Biesbosch-Dordrecht in Holland.
  9.      The first cruises for the ships ROUSSE and SOFIA begin from 26.04.1984
  10.      In 1985 the company has built it’s own mooring pontoon on the Danube. The pontoon is well equipped for the river passenger cruise ships.
  11.      In 1991 the company has been renamed and registered as DUNAV TOURS.
  12.      With respect to the enlargement of the activities and to meet the necessities of the larger company, in 1994 were purchased two real estate properties. The building situated on No 5, Oplimpi Panov street is an architectural monument. It has been fully renovated in year 2002.
  13.      From August 1999 DUNAV TOURS has been privatized. Main share holders are “Industrial Holding Bulgaria” and “Uniontours” JSC. Since May 2012 “Uniongroup” JSC has become the sole proprietor of 96% of company's shares.
  14.      In the winter of 2000/2001 the ship ROUSSE and SOFIA were fully renovated. The invested capital was 2 million Euro.
  15.      To be able to keep the position of the company on the market of the inland European cruises, has been decided to extend it’s fleet. In February 2003 started the project of a new passenger ship that can sail on the Rhein-Main-Mosel-Donau. The ship ROUSSE PRESTIGE was build in the Merwede shipyard, Holland and started its first navigation season from Rotterdam 18.03.2003.
  16.      At the beginning of 2006 the passenger ship Heinrich Heine was bought. It was built 1990 and renovated 2005. The ship has a capacity of 110 passengers and amenities include a swimming pool.
  17.      The two sister ships ROUSSE and SOFIA have had for the 20 seasons of cruising around 10000 passengers each season. After building the ROUSSE PRESTIGE the transported passengers pro season will be over 14 000.
  18.      From December 2006 Dunav Tours fleet was increased with the luxury passenger ship „Elegant Lady“ launched 2003 with the capacity of 128 passengers.
  19.      In the Year of 2007 the yacht "Balkan" was bought. It was used by the Ex-President and Prime Minister Todor Zhivkov

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